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Our Strategy

The Trust is currently reviewing its strategy, and a new strategy document will be published and made available to staff and key stakeholders before the end of March 2017.

This will give everyone a much clearer idea about our future direction as an organisation. It will also help drive our work to make St George’s better.

As part of this, the Trust Board has agreed a new vision and set of six strategic priorities for the organisation. These are as follows:

Our Trust Vision

To provide high quality patient care for the communities we serve, and specialist services, with thriving programmes of education and research.

Our Strategic Priorities

High Quality Care: To deliver care and treatment for patients which is consistently high quality – namely safe, efficient and person centred.

Teaching and Research: To be a high quality centre for teaching and world-class research, in partnership with St George’s, University of London.

Modernising our buildings and internal systems: To ensure our internal processes, information technology, and buildings and facilities are sound.

Valuing our staff: To lead and inspire our staff so they feel valued and recognise St George’s as a good place to work.

Financial sustainability: To manage our finances effectively, so they are truly sustainable.

Partnership working: To work with commissioners and partner organisations to provide a range of integrated services that are aligned with our clinical vision, and which meets the needs of the communities we serve.

The information below refers to our existing strategy, and provides useful background reading.

Read our 10 year strategy